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Currently 88 players are online.
# Name Level Vocation
Ajudante Do Leafoult 1699 Royal Paladin
Alf Eteimoso 4092 Elite Knight
Ana Army 2297 Sorcerer
Anja Do Mal 1366 Druid
Archer Of Angel 356 Royal Paladin
Arqueiro Infernal 2733 Paladin
Astillick 380 Sorcerer
Astrongx 3514 Royal Paladin
Azar Eh Os Guri 2892 Royal Paladin
Bad Boy 444 Elite Knight
Bafo De Bira 2416 Elder Druid
Bahia Fidumaegua 4650 Master Sorcerer
Bardok 2202 Elite Knight
Bart 3068 Elite Knight
Beautiful Paladina 3311 Elder Druid
Bruce Lee 4852 Elite Knight
Chizielf 344 Druid
Chupa Cabra 709 Master Sorcerer
Citizen Soldier 2472 Royal Paladin
Coringa 224 Royal Paladin
Darwinj 448 Paladin
Dead Pool 2200 Paladin
El Poison 1191 Royal Paladin
Elite Jhow 4503 Elite Knight
Eol Cato Loot 312 Elder Druid
Escangalha Cu 2915 Elder Druid
Falcon Ek 4220 Elite Knight
Felymat 2681 Royal Paladin
Fiziolasty 4306 Elder Druid
Gandalf Oteimoso 2833 Elder Druid
Gordo De Polo 2422 Elder Druid
Gordon Shumway 2544 Royal Paladin
Gyula Drakovic 4237 Royal Paladin
Heal Max 3068 Elder Druid
Heimdallr 2391 Elder Druid
Iguinho 634 Royal Paladin
Intense Heal 824 Druid
Jack The Ripper 4079 Royal Paladin
Jackie Chan 792 Knight
Jay Jay 2508 Royal Paladin
Jerys 3593 Royal Paladin
Jua The Paladin 2303 Royal Paladin
Juaa 1994 Elder Druid
Kagastian 4319 Elder Druid
Kazuya 3628 Master Sorcerer
Kill Boludos 365 Elite Knight
Kina De Papel 2503 Elite Knight
Kogaxsz 2050 Royal Paladin
La Nena Fina 2694 Elite Knight
Lady Psy 3506 Elder Druid
Leafoult 2615 Elder Druid
Lineu Pai Do Tuco 640 Knight
Lione 580 Druid
Mage Catalixo 402 Elder Druid
Magow 2966 Master Sorcerer
Mariajuana 2424 Elite Knight
Menor Tody 4794 Royal Paladin
Mera 4453 Elite Knight
Nandex 3565 Elite Knight
Nitiko 1154 Elite Knight
Paraiba 578 Royal Paladin
Peka Da Pepa 1741 Royal Paladin
Potti 4671 Royal Paladin
Pottipk 4581 Master Sorcerer
Rangel Tft 2649 Elder Druid
Reconnect Games 2062 Druid
Run Run 4200 Elder Druid
Shinon 4266 Elder Druid
Shinra 511 Knight
Sio Quest 362 Elder Druid
Skitter 816 Royal Paladin
Smackthatt 3870 Royal Paladin
Sohen Zolds 3612 Elite Knight
Spycer 839 Elder Druid
Sr Potti 4588 Elder Druid
Starfireboy 3670 Master Sorcerer
Take Off 4665 Royal Paladin
Tanjiro 2099 Royal Paladin
The Rock 4209 Elite Knight
Thug Life 1364 Paladin
Ticomiquesuei 3698 Elder Druid
Ticotico 962 Paladin
Tio Stan 2735 Royal Paladin
Tu Hermana En Tanga 1137 Royal Paladin
Viserys 2255 Master Sorcerer
Whiskey 1292 Royal Paladin
Worllor 451 Knight
Zorra 1726 Master Sorcerer

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